Community Climate Resilience Grant Competition

The Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast’s (CCRUN) Community Climate Resilience (CCR) Grant Competition awarded four one-year grants of $25,000 each to non-profit [501(c)(3)] organizations working with socially vulnerable groups on projects that prepare communities in the urban Northeast (Philadelphia to Boston corridor) for hazards related to weather and climate, such as flooding and heat waves. These grants are designed to support projects focused on improving preparedness, adaptation, and resilience, and may include activities such as planning, data collection, vulnerability mapping, grant proposal development, network-building, advancing nature-based solutions, and more. CCR projects aim to reduce risks of climate variability and change in vulnerable communities, identify strategies that improve preparedness and resilience, and enhance equity. The CCRUN research team is working collaboratively with each grantee organization to support implementation of their projects.¬†

2022-2023 Grantees

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2022 Competition Information

The goal of the CCRUN CCR competition is to support community-based organizations, non-profit groups, and alliance and coalition organizations working with vulnerable populations on community-focused planning and action-oriented projects that improve weather and climate hazard preparedness and resilience. Communities within the CCRUN region are exposed to a range of climate-related risks and extremes including heat waves, inland and coastal flooding, extreme precipitation, and other weather events, often compounded by other sources of social and economic inequality. The competition is open to nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status working on, or interested in, addressing a variety of different climate risks, based on the needs of the local community and its constituents. We seek applications from a diverse set of organizations working across the CCRUN region in order to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration across projects. For more information, check out our FAQ page, read the 2022 Call for Proposals, or watch our informational webinar.


2022 Call for Proposals–hQ

 Contact Information

Please direct all questions to CCRUN CCR Grant Coordinator Katherine Cann (