CCRUN’s research projects are focused on three broad sectors: Coasts, Public Health, and Water.

The key cross-cutting research questions to be analyzed across each CCRUN sector are:

Research Question 1: Climate and Climate Impact Information
Which climate and climate impact information products, including those provide by CCRUN, are influencing decision-making and adaption action?
How and why are these products being used?
What modifications would be needed to address different types of stakeholders?
What types of communities of practice based on co-generation of knowledge have been most successful?

Research Question 2: Adaptation
Which adaptation strategies are most effective for different urban populations and in different urban contexts?
How can these strategies be improved?
Would alternate strategies have yielded better outcomes?

Research Question 3: Transformation/Opportunities for Large-Scale Action
What are region’s key conditions (e.g., institutional, regulatory, infrastructural, and/or socioeconomic) that serve as opportunities for, or barriers to, ‘ramping up’ meaningful resilience practice?