CCRUN Seminar Abstracts

CCRUN Green Infrastructure, Climate, and Cities Seminar Series

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

A Safe Place to Call Home: Community Options and Considerations for Adapting to Flooding

Seminar Description:

As more and more areas are experiencing new and worsening flood risks caused by climate change, communities are facing challenging questions about how to safely remain in place. For many, leaving their neighborhood and home is not an acceptable option. For others, the potential option of pursuing managed retreat or relocation strategies may increasingly become a part of local conversations. Communities across the country are exploring approaches and mechanisms to keep community ties while building physical resilience to flooding. Katie Spidalieri, Senior Associate at the Georgetown Climate Center will discuss a range of legal and planning tools for managed retreat and the tradeoffs associated with these different options that communities may consider as to think about how to adapt to flooding. Rachelle Sanderson, Region Seven Watershed Coordinator at Capital Region Planning Commission in Louisiana, will introduce the Louisiana Watershed Initiative and discuss how some of these challenges are manifesting on the ground in one watershed region in Louisiana. Katie and Rachelle will also share how locally driven partnerships can help to build resources and capacity to support population transitions and housing needs driven by flooding.