Data Tools

New York State Building Footprints with Flood Analysis

Stakeholder: NYSERDA
The New York State Building Footprints with Flood Analysis project provides a flood assessment model with integrated coastal and riverine flood projections, storm and sea level rise scenarios, building footprints, critical infrastructure, and damage assessments. This tool covers all counties in New York State, excluding New York City. County-specific data is being published on an ongoing basis.

Hudson River Flood Impacts Decision Support System

Stakeholders: NYSERDA, local communities in the Hudson River Valley
The data, maps, and information in the Hudson River Flood Impact Decision Support System are provided to illustrate the scale of potential flooding in the Hudson River Valley under different sea level rise and storm scenarios. The information can help municipal and regional planners prepare for future floods.


Stakeholders: Wildlife Conservation Society, National Park Service, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
AdaptMap is an online mapping tool that demonstrates how sea level rise will worsen storm-driven flooding, such as the 100-year flood zone. It also enables users to select flood adaptation scenarios to see how they reduce flooding. Additionally, AdaptMap displays historic landscapes for the years 1609 and 1877 with associated historic flood zones.

Climate Summary Gauges

Stakeholders: Northeast Regional Climate Center
The Northeast Regional Climate Center's Climate Summary Gauges are based on daily data from the ThreadEx dataset developed by the NRCC. The long-term time series of each variable is sorted and divided into four segments, each containing one quarter of the total available data. These quarters correspond to categories from below normal to above normal climate conditions at stations throughout the Northeast.